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I am a gifted natural psychic and an intuitive healer. Also do live readings on MATV  Television SKY 793 . I work with Numerology, Angel Cards, Voice vibrations, Crystals, Reiki, Healing and Auras. A Psychic reading with me will only direct you to the love and light in your life’s pathway.

Worked Internationally, Celebrity clients, clients from various backgrounds  including High Profile Business clients, Media, Actors. Also worked for  Asian TV Channels in the UK like VENUS SKY 805 and Sunrise TV.

My Belief in the Universe, my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels has taught me to work with unconditional love for all. I believe in miracles and faith.


My exposure to media opened massive doors for me and gave me access to millions of homes who needed guidance and faith. In October 2008, I had done a live TV reading for a client who was upset and distressed as her Husband’s Visa had been rejected to come back to the UK. I could see her partner in UK and suggested her to appeal. She was astounded when he got the Visa and now believes more in miracles and the Law of attraction.